KleenGel Hands-Free Gel Dispenser

Dispensing lubricating gel just got easier and safer for healthcare providers and their patients with the introduction of the KleenGel Automatic Lubricating Gel Dispenser.

Automatic Infrared Dispenser

KleenGel is an FDA Cleared automatic, infrared device designed to efficiently and hygienically dispense lubricating gel for use by healthcare providers. The KleenGel Dispenser eliminates the need to touch a tube or packet of lubricating gel and prevents cross-contamination during pelvic and rectal exams.


    • Safe: Eliminates cross-contamination
    • Economical: One swipe of the hand dispenses gel
    • Easy to Use: Preset the amount of gel required
    • Efficient: Improves physician workflow


The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that at any given time, about 1 in every 20 patients has an infection related to their hospital care. The current process of dispensing lubricating gel for vaginal and rectal exams requires a healthcare provider to handle a tube of gel that is used for multiple patients. This is often done without cleaning the tube between patients creating the opportunity for cross-contamination.

Design prevents hand contact with device

Infrared sensor for automatic dispensing of gel onto the hand or medical instrument

Easy to use disposable pre-filled cartridges

Digital dispensing volume display with settings from 1-9ml

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